Brown bear shot dead in Japan for straying into residential area, attacking four people

A brown bear was shot dead in northern Japan after tearing through a residential area on Friday and injuring four people, public broadcaster NHK said.

The bear was first sighted on a road which is due to host the Olympic Marathon and Olympic Race Walking events at this summer’s Tokyo Games in the city of Sapporo.

Soon after, Hokkaido police tweeted they were on the lookout for the bear, writing that since the sighting, many others had reported seeing the bear and that people had been injured.

“If you spot a bear, please be very careful, escape immediately and call 110,” Hokkaido police tweeted.

Television footage showed the bear running along a residential street, crossing a busy road and pawing at the gates of a Japan Self Defense Force military barracks, before running away.

Local police said the bear attacked three men, one of whom was seriously injured, and a woman in her 80s, according to NHK.

At around 11 a.m., the bear was shot down by two men from the local hunting association near Sapporo Okadama airport, NHK reported.