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‘Brooklyn 99’ had ‘predicted’ Coronavirus crisis years ago

As the Coronavirus pandemic worsens around the world, with over 20,000 reported deaths, a still from the detective show, Brooklyn 99 is making its rounds through the internet.

In Season 7, Episode 3, ‘Pimemento’ iwhen Adrian Pimento, perhaps one of the most unpredictable characters on the show, makes a return, asking Jake and Charles for help, there’s a tiny scene where Jake talks about Pimento’s tattoos. In classic Jake style, he makes fun of the tattoos, and as viewers, we’re forced to say, noice.

One of Pimento’s tattoos, which Jake points out, in bold font reads, ‘Buy toilet paper.’

That should probably be enough to trigger your memory of how in the very recent past (read: maybe days) European and American countries ran out of toilet paper in the panic buying people did as Coronavirus slowly spread across the world, wrecking havoc and leading people to pretend like they were living in almost a truly apocalyptic situation.

But if it wasn’t enough, Jake spells it out, also. “I hate to think of the horrific event that led to a reminder of this size.”

You wouldn’t need Raymond Holt to spell it out for you, that if Pimento was telling you a conspiracy theory about a virus pandemic sweeping across the globe affecting millions, you probably wouldn’t believe him.

Except now it’s perhaps true. The Coronavirus crisis is here. Almost every country in the world is affected by it, and is battling to eradicate it. A virus which has no vaccine. And the fear of this virus, which has led to a global toilet paper shortage.

We’re hoping Pimento read this tattoo in the mirror well before time, to stock up in advance.