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British Woman On Honeymoon Dies In Sri Lanka After Eating Hotel Food

A British woman Usheila Patel who was on her honeymoon in Sri Lanka along with her husband Khilan Chandaria, died after consuming hotel food. The couple checked into a hotel in the resort town of Galle, south of capital city Colombo two days after the Sri Lankan Church bombings.

The bride died just six days after her wedding and two days after landing in Sri Lanka. The couple’s family has told British media that the newlyweds suffered from severe food poisoning. Her husband Chandaria was also taken ill, the duo felt feverish and vomited blood.

The judicial medical officer ordered expect toxicology reports, and until the hearing her groom, Khilan Chandaria was not allowed to leave Sri Lanka. The court was holding Chandaria’s passport until the magistrate can rule on the cause of death.

Speaking to the AFP a police official said, “Chief Magistrate Harshana Kekunawela ordered the government analyst to provide all the necessary reports for the hearing on May 15.”

The hotel staff where the couple stayed said the couple fell ill after eating, and initially declined medical treatment at a local hospital but asked for help a few hours later. The hotel staff added that the couple consumed food from outside of the hotel and we have handed these items to the relevant authorities.

They married on April 19 and arrived in Sri Lanka on April 23, just two days after the Easter bombings at three luxury hotels in Colombo and three churches where 258 people were killed.

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