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British man claims he defeated coronavirus with alcohol and honey

A British man who lives in Wuhan, China – the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak – has claimed that he managed to cure his illness with the help of alcohol and honey. Connor Reed, an English teacher in Wuhan, was apparently diagnosed two months ago, according to reports.

He had been experiencing flu and pneumonia like symptoms which included a bad cough when he went for a check up. He was shocked to find that he’d caught the bug and told The Sun that he felt he might not survive the ordeal. Connor had to be hospitalised for two weeks, although he did admit to refusing anti-biotics prescribed by doctors.

He claimed that he relied on his inhaler to help him breathe, given that breathlessness is one of the symptoms. Along with that, he downed glasses of warm whiskey with honey and claims to have beaten the deadly disease which has claimed over 400 lives around the world so far. The Pioneer quoted him as saying that adequate rest and quarantining oneself are one’s best chances of recovery.

Connor also told The Sun that Wuhan, where he’s been living for 3 years now, has become a ghost town and people barely step out of their homes. He also said that the cops have been arresting anyone stepping out without a mask.

On the other hand, the perils of the epidemic seem to be far from over with over 20,000 cases around the world.

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