British Lawmakers Reject Theresa May’s Deal Once Again, What Next?

Theresa May’s European Union withdrawal deal was rejected for the second time on Tuesday. With less than 17 days to go to Brexit, the United Kingdom is uncertain if they could meet the deadline or walk away without a deal.

However on the brighter side MPs voted down the deal by 149 Noes, a smaller margin than last time. In January her deal was voted down by 230 votes. Now MPs on Wednesday will vote if they should leave the EU without a deal, or if they should delay Brexit.

The Prime Minister on Tuesday pleaded to the lawmakers to back her deal after she secured legally binding assurances on the Irish Backstop from the EU.

Theresa May after the vote on Tuesday in a statement she said, “I continue to believe that by far the best outcome is the UK leaves the European Union in an orderly fashion with a deal. And that the deal we have negotiated is the best and indeed only deal available.”

Now MPs will decide if they vote against a no-deal Brexit, they will vote the following day on whether Article 50, the legal mechanism taking the UK out of the EU on 29th of March should be extended. Mrs May said MPs would have to decide whether they want to delay Brexit, hold another referendum, or whether they “want to leave with a deal but not this deal”.

She added that the choices facing the UK were “unenviable”, but because of the rejection of her deal, “they are choices that must be faced”.

The EU spokesperson said, “With only 17 days left to 29 March, today’s vote has significantly increased the likelihood of a no-deal Brexit. It’s difficult to see what more we can do, the 27 other EU member states would expect a credible justification for it.”