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British cinema chain offered free tickets to red hair people during unprecedented heatwave

A British cinema chain offered people in red hair a flick for free on Monday, July 18 and Tuesday, July 19 as temperatures soared.

“Free tickets for redheads on the hottest days ever!” Showcase advertised in a post, which they captioned: “You’re gonna want to let your redheaded friends know about this.”

Researchers have found that people with the MC1R gene, which causes red hair, pale skin and freckles, are at a higher risk of skin cancer, according to a 2016 study published by Nature Communications.

And although a 2021 report showed that less than 5 percent of U.K. homes have air conditioning, most of the country’s movie theaters are equipped with the amenity.

“Since redheads are often more vulnerable than most to the sun’s rays, we’re giving them shelter from the sun inside our fully air conditioned cinema screens to catch the latest blockbusters for no cost at all!” Showcase wrote in a statement.