Britain to receive heavy snowfall next week after flood weekend

Snow will hit UK next week after a weekend of continued flooding that could see sewage overflows.

The government has put flood warnings in place for the weekend, while forecasts for the next fortnight predict that some areas of the UK could see up to 37 cm of snow.

The government’s information service has put over 40 warnings in place for the weekend, mainly for the south of England, saying that properties could flood and sewage systems overflow.

Days after damaging floods hit this weekend, forecasters predict that heavy snow could start falling in the Scottish Highlands, and will spread over the following fortnight.

Most of northern Scotland is set to see snow by January 9, with recent estimates suggesting it could be up to 37cm deep.

The government has put 41 flood alerts in place for this weekend, with Brits in West Dorset set to be worst affected.

Nine areas have been listed as needing “immediate action”, and 32 others have been told to “be prepared”.

The flood information service is warning that Dorset’s River Winterborne overflowing could cause sewage spillages and flooded properties.

Their notice for the north end of the river says that “flooding is expected”, and that “residents may experience inundation of septic tanks and systems.”

The notice for the south end says: “We expect some properties with basements and cellars to experience some groundwater inundation”.

The Bere Stream, which neighbours Winterborne river, is also expected to flood, and could see similar sewage.

Those living in the area have been told to “prepare and install property resilience measures and ensure that pumps are working where they have been installed.”

A cold blast is expected shortly after the floods, followed by snow in the Scottish Highlands.

As early as this Sunday, Surrey and Tunbridge Wells could see temperatures as low as 2C, and frost is expected in the Scottish Highlands.

By January 13, 26cm of snow is forecast in the Scottish Highlands, with flurries reaching the Lake District.

The following day, temperatures in Scotland could fall to -4C in areas of northern Scotland, and to a bitter 4C in London, Manchester and Birmingham.

On January 16, areas of northern Scotland like Ullapool and Fort William are predicted to be covered with 37 cm of snow, and temperatures are set to hit 0C in much of the north of England.

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