Briefing of Army, Navy and Air Force -“Prepared to respond to any provocation by Pakistan”

A joint press briefing was carried out by the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force today evening. The joint forces said they were fully prepared to respond to any provocation by Pakistan.

Major General Surendra Singh Mahal commented on Pakistan's so called stikes on the 27th February, he said, "Pakistan has targeted our military installations. They have escalated matters. If they provoke us any further, we are prepared for exigencies."

He added that, "We continue to maintain strict vigil along both the Line of Control and International Border. Our ground based air defence weapon system are put on high alert. I wish to assure the nation that we are fully prepared and in a heightened state of readiness."

India made it clear that Pakistan jets on the 27th targeted a Brigade Headquarters, a Battalion Headquarters and logistics installations in Jammu and Kashmir.

The Air Vice Marshal RGK Kapoor told that India picked up electronic signatures that confirm Pakistan used F-16 in their attack and one of it's jet was shot down, which Pakistan of coarse refuted. Air Vice Marshal added that PAF bombs fell on Indian Army formation compound, however there wasn't any significant damage.

Rear Admiral DS Gujral said that the Indian Navy was ready to defeat any misadventure by Pakistan on surface, under sea or in air.

Remains of the AMRAAM used by Pak F-16 at LOC
Remains of the AMRAAM used by Pak F-16 at LOC

India presented evidence against Pakistan who escalated the situation after using AMRAAM (American Long Range Air-to-Air Missiles) to target Indian military installations. Only Pakistan's F-16 fighter jets are fitted with these long air to air missiles.