Bride visits grandma at healthcare facility in wedding dress before getting married

The novel coronavirus outbreak has brought things to a halt worldwide. Almost the entire world is on lockdown, public places are closed, people are pushing back their wedding dates. Even the couples, who are going ahead with the nuptials, are making sure that the lockdown guidelines are being followed. They are doing this by having a very small gathering while maintaining social distance.

Shauna Varner, a resident of Minnesota, USA wanted her grandmother, Janis to be a part of her nuptials which took place on April 25. But with the lockdown, her grandmother could not leave the healthcare facility. Shauna and her groom Travis came up with an idea that solved all the problems.

The two went to the Country Manor’s Rapid Recovery and Aquatic Center in their wedding attires before walking down the aisle. At the centre, Shauna saw her grandmother and both had a heart-to-heart through a glass door. Her grandmother Janis also wanted the day to be special so she picked out a beautiful dress to meet her granddaughter.

The Country Manor Campus shared the adorable video of the incident with the caption, “Though Shauna and Travis had much different plans for their April 25th wedding celebration, the couple decided Covid-19 was not going to stop them from becoming husband and wife. This beautiful bride had one request – her grandma Janis should be part of her big day.”

“Janis is a patient at Country Manor’s Rapid Recovery and Aquatic Center. When the staff heard about the story, they were determined to make it happen. A plan was created to allow for this once-in-lifetime moment to take place, while ensuring the safety of Janis and all involved. The staff helped Janis pick out the perfect outfit, and got her feeling her very best, as grandmothers should feel on their granddaughter’s wedding day. Before her granddaughter arrived to make her bridal debut, Janis said, ‘The anticipation is killing me, I love that girl so much!’ The moment Shauna stepped out of the car, the love radiated between them,” the statement read.

In the video, Shauna can be heard telling her grandmother that she is the first person to see them in their wedding outfits and the two can be seen blowing kisses to each other.