Bride refuses to marry groom who arrived drunk at his wedding

A bride to be in Indian state of Bihar's Chhapra city called off her wedding as the groom turned up drunk.

The groom who goes by the name  Bablu Kumar was unable to stand or perform any rituals at the wedding, that's when the bride Rinki Kumari decided to call of the wedding. Her family and relatives tried to persuade her however she held firm to her decision.

The brides father Tribhuvan Shah told news agency ANI that, "The groom was so drunk that he was unaware of his surroundings. He misbehaved on the stage, so my daughter refused to marry him."

Villagers didn't let the grooms family leave until they returned the wealth they extracted in the form of dowry from Rinki's parents. 

The Bihar government had banned liquor in the state in 2016, however liquor is still sold illegally by a few people who want to make quick bucks. Huge consignments of liquor cartoons are seized by authorities everyday.