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Bride dies of heart attack due to excessive crying at wedding ceremony

A wedding in India went tragically wrong after the bride died of a heart attack during her farewell ceremony of her marriage.

According to local news reports, the heart attack was caused due to excessive crying or emotional stress-induced at the moment. The incident took place in Sonepur, Odisha state.

The farewell ceremony called ‘bidaai’ took place on early Friday morning, till which the bride named Gupteswari Sahoo (Rosy) seemed healthy and put-together.

Rosy was wed to Bisikesan Pradhan. The wedding was reportedly a small, family affair at her parental home.

The following morning, as they prepared for the ‘bidaai’, the bride was inconsolable. She kept crying and would not stop. Onlookers reported she cried so much that she fainted.

Once Rosy collapsed, family members and distant relatives tried their best to get her back up. They sprayed water on her face to get her back to consciousness. But nothing seemed to work.

So they finally rushed to the Dunguripallu CHC emergency. However, the doctors declared her to be dead on arrival.

The cause of death was identified as cardiac failure. A police complaint was reportedly launched to investigate her untimely demise.