Brian Laundrie internet investigators claim Gabby Petito’s water bottle found near remains ‘matches one found in his parents’ yard’

Brian Laundrie sleuths claim a water bottle "spotted in the garden of his parents in shocking drone footage matches bottle found near remains."

The video captures Laundrie’s parents in their garden when an online detective claims the water bottle looks like the one that was found near their son’s remains.

Gabby’s bottle that she carried around with her was black and yellow with white drawings all around.

In the video, the online investigator says: “If this is the same water bottle, then there are major questions here.

He asks: “If it is in fact the same water bottle, then could this be proof that the Laundrie’s did in fact plant evidence?”

The video, which is posted on Youtube, has the internet agreeing with the revelation.

One user said: “The amount of times I’ve seen this video I have never noticed it. But yes, it absolutely looks like the same water bottle. Wow.”

Another commented: “Does look the same but since it’s blurry I can’t say for sure.

"Since Gabby’s van was in their garage and they helped Brian clean out whatever they did it wouldn’t surprise me.

“I 100% believe they planted evidence so I would say yes that probably is the same water bottle and they stupidly left it out in the yard.

The claims come after cops exclusively told The Sun that a water bottle was found near Laundrie’s body that was believed to belong to Gabby.

The charcoal Nalgene water bottle with distinct markings that appears to match one in footage of Gabby was discovered by a TikToker.

The woman, known on TikTok as chroniclesofoliviabackup and @prodxena on Twitter, found the bottle in Myakkaahatchee Park in Florida, near to where Laundrie's remains were discovered.

She was seen in videos moving the bottle with a stick and holding it in a plastic bag.

There is no confirmation that it is the same bottle.