Brexit Test For May

The British PM Theresa May’s most important fight in her political career, will be decided by the vote on the Brexit deal. The UK Parliament will either pass or reject the divorce bill on the 11th of December.

The Parliament was divided during discussions on the draft withdrawal agreement signed in Brussels, last month. More than 100 of May’s rebel MPs have decided to vote against the deal, showing no sign of altering.

Theresa May is having last minute conversations with the European Union (EU) to get a softer deal.

Flaws in the current Brexit Deal:-

1. The fate of European citizens living in the United Kingdom and British citizens in other EU countries is still in imbalance. The deal proposes free movement of citizens upto 2022, but with a clause of an extension. This means that Britain still won’t be able to control the movement of people.

2. Britain owes over £100 billion to the EU, the deal says Britain will contribute £39 billion each year upto 2020.

3. The Northern Irish border could remain within the EU customs, if it does Britain will not be able to change tariffs or negotiate trade deals with other nations. It would remain one market.

4. The EU runs a joint space and defence programs, the UK could lose all access to satellites that the British have paid for.

What happens if the deal does not pass the House of Commons?

The British will leave the European Union on the 29th of March 2019 no matter what. This is called a hard exit, and it can create a chaos for people, businesses and trade.

The Prime Minister has an other option for calling a vote again, basically a fresh referendum.