Brexit: Millions Take Part In A March For Second Referendum

Thousands of people are marching through central London calling for another European Union (EU) referendum. The organisers of the “Put It To The People” campaign got support of more than a million people to join the march to the Parliament.

The protests comes as the EU agreed to delay UK’s departure by a few weeks.

The Prime Minister Theresa May had come under tremendous pressure to quit after she failed to get the Parliament’s approval for the second time last week.On Friday, she said that she would ditch plans to put the deal to a third vote if she does not get enough MPs to support it.

If her deal is not passed by the 12th of April she would have to come up with alternative plan or else face leaving EU without a deal.

Brexit March

People on ground say that this was the biggest March in UK, even bigger than the 2003 march for Stop the war. The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan joined the demonstrations, he shared a video on Twitter.

Meanwhile, an online petition on Parliament’s website calling for Brexit to be cancelled by revoking Article 50 has attracted more than 4.3 million signatures. A Liberal Democrat MP Layla Moran said the petition could “give oxygen” to the campaign for another Brexit referendum.