Brexit: May Seeks More Time To Make Changes On Backstop

British Prime Minister Theresa May asked lawmakers to hold their nerves demanding more time to work on the divorce agreement between United Kingdom and European Union.

With just about forty-five days left for the day, May seeked more time. The Labour and Conservative politicians want to vote alternatives on Thursday, if May’s government fails to get a deal.

May will update MPs again on the 26th of February if she got a new deal by then. The British PM is working to secure changes to the Irish Backstop clause that most MPs want.

With or Without a deal Britain will leave the European Union on the 29th of March.

Her opposition the Labour party believe that May has plans to delay the voting on the deal until the last moment possible so that MPs face a stark choice between her deal and no deal.

May said she will comeback to the House of Commons for a meaningful vote on her deal “when we achieve the progress we need”.

The British Prime Minister is working on alternate arrangements on the backstop by putting a time limit on how long it can stay in place or a unilateral exit clause so the UK can leave it at a time of its choosing.

F.Y.I What is the Brexit Backstop?

It’s described as the insurance policy or the safety net to ensure no hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland even if no formal deal on trade or security is made.

This makes Northern Ireland in the customs union and much of the single market guaranteeing friction less border with Ireland, making harder for UK to frame it’s own trade laws and taxation policies.