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Brexit Chaos: What message goes out if Queen Elizabeth leaves Britain?

The British Government have evaluated plans to relocate the Royal Family out of London should there be riots if an unholy Brexit departure takes place. Britain is bound to leave the European Union on the 29th of March with or without a deal.

Government officials working in the cabinet say that such emergency plans existed since the cold war but haven’t been repurposed until now. Queen Elizabeth along with her family could be moved to safe locations away from London if the situation turns volatile.

MPs who support the Brexit told that such plans were unnecessary panic, Conservative MP sited that the British Royal family were in London during the World War II bombings. However the Queens former police guard made it clear that Queen Elizabeth would be moved out if there is an unrest.

(The Pigeon Express Opinion – Yes there will be chaos if Britain leave Europe without a deal, but for a leader to run away from the situation is bizarre. It sends out a very negative message to the world if the Queen 92-year-old was made to flee away from her home. It’s important for the Royals to stay back and get things fixed if the government is unable to do so.)