Brexit Chaos: EU President Ready To Delay Brexit Till 2021

The United Kingdom may be opening up options of a second referendum as Prime Minister Theresa May delayed the vote on Brexit again.

There has been huge drama in the political circuits of the United Kingdom over the past week.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was accused of  “betrayal” over Brexit by his party members.

Three MPs belonging to the PM Theresa May’s Conservative party joined the renegades. Tory politicians pointed at the failures of the government’s deal, and advocate a hard Brexit.

The European Union Chiefs are drawing up a plan to delay Brexit until 2021, this was to do away with the Irish Backstop. If this move means real then there won’t be any trade deal until December 2020.

EU Council President Donald Tusk said that the United Kingdom would either have to face a chaotic Brexit or seek extension of Article 50.

The UK Prime Minister held out the possibility of a vote this week, saying she needs more time to discuss with the EU possible amendments in the arrangements for the Irish border.

The only option for MPs is to support whatever deal May brings to the table on the 12th of March, or seek extension. If the UK decide to leave the EU without a deal there will be economic and humanitarian disruption on both sides.

F.Y.I What is the Brexit Backstop?

It’s described as the insurance policy or the safety net to ensure no hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland even if no formal deal on trade or security is made.

This makes Northern Ireland in the customs union and much of the single market guaranteeing friction less border with Ireland, making harder for UK to frame it’s own trade laws and taxation policies.