Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro threatens to punch reporter in the face

Jair Bolsonaro, the Brazilian president has been captured on camera threatening to punch a reporter in the face, after being asked about alleged family corruption.

Bolsonaro, who was visiting the Metropolitan Cathedral in Brasilia on Sunday when a group of journalists met him outside, was seen on video threatening the O Globo newspaper reporter after being questioned about the allegations.

The journalist was seeking comment from the President over alleged deposits made by a former aide of Bolsonaro’s eldest son, Senator Flavio Bolsonaro, into a bank account supposedly belonging to first lady Michelle Bolsonaro.

President Bolsonaro was standing just steps from the Cathedral and told the reporter, “I feel like punching you in your mouth, okay?”

O Globo, one of Brazil’s major news companies, condemned Bolsonaro’s actions against the journalist in a statement published on Sunday hours after the incident.

“GLOBO repudiates President Jair Bolsonaro’s aggression against a newspaper reporter who was just doing their job performing his role, in a totally professional manner,” the statement said.

In early August, Brazilian magazine Crusóe published a report which claimed that Fabrício Queiroz, the former aide to Bolsonaro’s eldest son, transferred around 72,000 Brazilian reals ($12,800) in checks to Michelle Bolsonaro between 2011 and 2016.

Queiroz is currently under house arrest as a result of an ongoing corruption inquiry involving Bolsonaro’s son. President Bolsonaro has not commented on these latest allegations.