Brazilian model kicked out of the Vatican for being ‘too sexy’

There are a handful of places on Earth that are considered incredibly holy, one such is the Vatican.

While visiting Rome this week, one influencer decided to check out the Vatican, but she didn't get to stay too long since, according to her, she was kicked out for being too sexy.

Brazilian model Juju Vieirawas thought nothing of her choice of outfit of a tight-fitting dress and boots, as she did some sightseeing in Rome, so she was shocked when guards at the Vatican let her know she was not dressed properly and asked her to leave.

She explained in Portuguese in a video on Instagram, "A gentleman who worked there came close to me and said that the place was for prayers and that I was not dressed properly and invited me to leave, 'kicked' me out of the Vatican."

She said that she "felt disrespected" and "was embarrassed because there were other people there who heard this."

It turns out though that the Vatican has rules and among them, a dress code for both men and women. The official website of the Vatican says, "Women are not permitted to wear sleeveless tops, crop tops, or tight shirts. Shoulders should be covered, and if wearing a skirt or dress, it must cover the knees."

Juju was unaware of the dress code, saying, "I didn't even know there were rules. A person of common sense will not visit the Vatican in club clothes. I was stylish in my winter clothes, everything matched. I went in comfortable clothes that I would feel good in for long walks. Comfort was my only concern."