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Brazilian Hyundia showroom adopts stray dog, makes him salesperson

A Brazilian car showroom adopted a stray dog, Tucson Prime and gave him the job of a salesperson.

In a tweet Natasha wrote, “A pooch always around the Hyundia showroom was adopted and stays at the showroom now. Such a nice story. Be kind. That’s all there is to be!”

Hyundai Brazil posted pictures of Tucson on their social media page and it then went viral.

Apparently, the pooch, who is just about a year old, always used to hang around the Hyundai Serra, ES, Brazil outlet, so the showroom decided to adopt the doggo and allowed it to stay.

According to World of Buzz, Tucson was homeless and was going through a hard time before the people at the Hyundai outlet adopted him. He was adopted on May 21 this year. In fact, the employees at the outlet gave him sufficient food and drinks every day, and even built a kennel for him. They also made sure to vaccinate, deworm and shower him.

Reportedly, apart from making Tucson a salesperson at the outlet, the good hoomans also made him the outlet’s ambassador and model.