Boys falls into large cooking pots die of burns in two separate incidents

A three-year-old boy died of burn injuries in India, after falling into a large cooking pots of hot stews. This is the second incident for the month.

The toddler was playing when he fell into a pot of sambhar at a party thrown by his family to celebrate the opening of a shop on November 18 in the state of Telangana.

The boy accidentally moved the lid covering the pot and fell in. He was rushed to hospital but died of burn injuries. His father has filed a complaint with police but no arrests have been made.

In another incident on November 13th, a six-year-old kindergarten student named Behlapuram Reddy died after falling into a pot of sambhar at a school in Panyam village in neighbouring Andhra Pradesh.

In India, school lunches are cooked in large pots that can be up to four feet in diameter.

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