Book predicted Wuhan coronavirus 40 years ago

After more than 1700 people died in China because of the coronavirus outbreak a fictional book predicted claims to have predicted the the Wuhan virus around 40 years ago.

A thriller novel The Eyes of Darkness, written by Dean Koontz in 1981, mentioned a virus named Wuhan-400. In the novel, the virus was created as a weapon in a laboratory.

A Twitter user with the handle @DarrenPlymouth brought this cryptic reference to light on social media. The user posted the cover of the book and shared an excerpt from the book which has the mention of the virus Wuhan-400 in it.

The Chinese city Wuhan is the epicenter of the virus which has now spread to over 28 countries.

Social media found the piece of prediction unusual and questioned if coranavirus is indeed a biological weapon developed by the China.