Boeing board of directors to receive safety changes report

Boeing’s board of directors will get new safety recommendations from an internal committee that was asked to take a look at how the company builds its planes in an effort to potentially improve the process.

The committee will urge the board to alter the structure and communication channels by which potential safety problems in its planes are disclosed in order to create greater information-sharing within the company and avoid possible conflict of interest issues between the engineering side and the business side of Boeing.

Boeing’s Max jets were grounded by the FAA in March after 346 people died in two crashes that involved the aircraft.

Boeing has said it expects to have the Max jets back in operation before the holidays in December, but three airlines that use that aircraft all have recently engaged in further flight cancellations because of the ongoing grounding of the aircraft.

Regulators are currently determining when and under what conditions to bring the jets back.

In July, Boeing disclosed a “$5.6 billion reduction in revenue and pre-tax earnings” due to the grounding.

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