Boeing 737 MAX That Was On Its Way To Storage Unit Made Emergency Landing After Engine Trouble

A Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 Max airline that was flown to a hanger was forced to return to a Florida airport after experiencing engine problems.

The problems surfaced shortly after the aircraft took off from the international airport at Orlando. The crew declared an emergency and landed safely in Orlando. The Max aircraft was being flown to storage in Victorville, California, and had only the pilots were on board.

This incident is an engine issue and did not involve the automatic flight control system. However, the FAA will conduct a through enquiry into the incident.

A crash of the Boeing 737 Max in October last year, and the recent Ethiopian Airlines crash on the 10th of March, forced Boeing to ground all 737 Max jets. The failure of the automatic system that puts the nose of the aircraft downwards after take off caused these two crashes. Boeing named the system Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System, or MCAS.

Following the landing of Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 Max airline, Boeing shares fell 3 percent.