Boat capsizes after hitting day marker in Boston Harbor; 1 person missing, 7 rescued

A search for a missing boater is underway following an early morning boating accident in Boston Harbor, according to the Boston Fire Department.

Harbor patrol rescued seven people around 3:00am after the accident, the department said in a tweet.

Five people were taken to a hospital by emergency medical services, according to the tweet. The ages and conditions of the patients are yet to be obtained.

“An inter-agency search [is] on going for a report of a missing boater,” said Boston Fire.

The rescue effort is being led by Boston police, with assistance from the US Coast Guard, Massachusetts State Police, Boston Fire and Boston EMS.

The Coast Guard said in a tweet on Saturday that a center console boat hit a day marker, which caused eight people to enter the water.

One of those markers, consisting of metal scaffolding topped with a sign marked with the number “5” was surrounded by several rescue boats.

As the search unfolded, all seemed normal on the shores of Carson Beach on Saturday morning.