BJP workers threaten Bangalore’s JNC students for pro-CAA signatures

A group of ruling BJP workers had a verbal spat and threatened  students of Jyothi Nivas College (JNC) in Bangalore’s Koramangala.

The incident took place on Wednesday, 8 January, when a group of BJP workers put up a pro-Citizenship Amendment Act  banner on the walls of the college without permission and demanded signatures.

When students questioned the illegally placed banner the group of BJP workers heckled women students.

It has been alleged that the BJP workers not only heckled students, but also the management who rushed to the scene.

Students were branded Nepali, some anti-national, some Pakistani and were asked to go to Pakistan.


“BJP activists have threatened Jyoti Niwas College students saying they would support the CAA or repeat what happened in JNU Jamia. The shouts of “GO BACK TO PAKISTAN” (Move to Pakistan) were heard,” twitter account @dskannada wrote (translated from Kannada).

The mobile phone recordings of the argument showed the BJP workers shouting at students.

“The police who reached on site did not take immediate action, instead were seen having tea with thugs,” a student claimed.

The college who wished to remain neutral over the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) have denied permission to both pro and anti CAA protests in and around the campus.

Congress MLA Sowmya Reddy spoke to the principal of the college after the incident.