BJP MLA booked for beating cop with shoes, robbing him of gold chain and wallet

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) from Uttar Pradesh’s Barkhera constituency, Kishan Lal Rajpoot and 50 of his supporters have been booked for allegedly beating a police constable with shoes at a police post and robbing him of a gold chain and wallet.

An FIR was ordered after the court intervened.

According to reports, the constable, Mohit Gurjar, had conflict over the refund of a bike that he had bought for Rs 50,000, but the seller, Rahul, allegedly did not have valid registration documents, and thus, he failed to get the bike transferred into Gurjar’s name.

Gurjar said that on September 12 when he sought his money back, Rahul allegedly called him to the Pilibhit Mandi Samiti gate, where MLA’s nephew Rishabh, and some other people were also present along with Rahul.

The constable said: “When I reached the spot, they abused and thrashed me. They opened fire at me and I had a narrow escape. They robbed me of my gold chain and wallet and caused serious injuries to me.”

Gurjar alleged that he rushed to the Assam Road police post to save his life, but the MLA, along with his supports, reached there and started beating him with his shoes. He asked his supporters to force him to drink urine.

Gurjar alleged that the police officers present at the police post remained silent spectators. He said that he had lodged a complaint at the Sungarhi police station, but no action was taken.

The constable said he approached the court and the police took action after the court ordered them to lodge an FIR against the MLA and his supporters.

Station House Officer Rajesh Kumar said an FIR was registered against 16 identified persons, including Rajput, his nephew Rishabh, Rahul, and more than 35 unidentified accused under sections 397 (robbery, or dacoity, with attempt to cause death or grievous hurt) and 395 (dacoity) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).