BJP knocks SC to end status quo on 67 acres in Ayodhya

The NDA government today approached the supreme court for permission to end status quo on the excess land in Ayodhya near the disputed Temple-Mosque site. The government’s idea was to handover the land to the original owners to build the Ram temple.

The government is not touching the disputed area on which a suit is still pending in the Supreme Court. They requested the court to end the status quo over non-disputed land or the excess land around the disputed temple in town of Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh.

About 67.313 acres of land was acquired by the government based on supreme court order that came out once when Babri masjid was demolished by Hindu activist. The disputed site is just about 0.313 acres.

The Supreme Court had delayed the proceedings of the Ram Mandir hearing since october last year. Meanwhile the ruling BJP is under pressure from right-wing organisations to begin construction of the Ram temple.

Earlier Prime Minister Narendra Modi in an interview to ANI said that the government would wait for the judicial process to get over and then step in if required.

The opposition parties have called the government’s move opportunistic as the elections are nearing.

(The Pigeon Express Opinion– The BJP government is desperate to show some progress on the Ram Mandir issue. If the government gets what they want before the 2019 elections it would be major vindication but  if they fail, they can at least go back to the people and say we tried.)