BJP faces Heat in Karnataka By Elections

The BJP faces yet another major setback in Karnataka. The Congress-JDS alliance has grabbed 2/3 Lok Sabha seats and 2/2 State Assembly seats. The elections for the by-poll were conducted on November 3rd.

This election results puts the Congress-JDS tally at 120 in the State Assembly. The majority mark is 113. The alliance has worked well for both these parties. This win would boost the morale of both the parties and will ensure a much more stable government.

The Karnataka BJP chief BS Yeddurappa’s son BY Raghavendra won the Shimoga Lok Sabha seat. This is a bitter-sweet win for BSY as his party performed badly.

The Ballari Lok Sabha seat was won by the Congress candidate VS Ugrappa . The Congress have hit hard on the strong bastion of the Bellary brothers. The Congress claim it back after 15 years. This constituency has had a great history of MPs Sushma Swaraj, Sonia Gandhi and Indira Gandhi.

The JDS retain the Mandya Lok Sabha seat. This is a the Cauvery heartland and JDS are strong here. During the State Elections early this year JDS won major chunk of their seats from the Cauvery basin.

The BJP in Karnataka most of the times have done worse in by polls.

This win would praise leadership of Rahul Gandhi and put questions on the Modi wave.

The Lok Sabha MP’s elected today would stay in term for a short 8 months. They would again have to fight General elections 2019 to continue. The major parties were unhappy when the Election Commission announced these by polls.