Bizarre! Tokyo comes up with transparent public toilets to ensure users keep it clean

Japan’s capital Tokyo has indeed come up with the idea of installing transparent loos and restrooms.

The idea behind designing these transparent restrooms was to let people check that the interiors are clean before stepping in.

Units have three cubicles each. These are covered with transparent tinted glass which comes in color variations of cyan, lime green, blue, yellow, pink or purple.

The transparent public restrooms are a part of The Tokyo Toilet Project by the non-profit organization Nippon Foundation. Around 16 architects around the nation have joined hands to renovate 17 public toilets located in the public parks of Shibuya.

“The mission was to apply innovative design to make public bathrooms accessible for everyone regardless of gender, age or disability, with a goal “that people will feel comfortable using these public toilets and to foster a spirit of hospitality for the next person,” The Nippon Foundation said in a press release.