Bizarre Offer: Free onions on purchase of mobile phone

The rising onion prices in India led to shopkeepers to innovate their marketing and publicity game.

In a bizarre scheme shops are offering a kilogram of onions free with the purchase of a smartphone.

STR Mobiles, a mobile sales and service centre in Pattukottai, is offering one kg of onions free with every smartphone purchased at their store, The News Minute reported.

With onion prices touching the ₹200 mark in some states, owner of STR Mobiles, Saravanakumar, thought that the idea of giving out free onions with phone would boost the popularity of his shop.

He claimed that the unusual scheme, which was started last week, has attracted more customers to his shop.

“Normally I sell only three to four mobile handsets a day. But after the announcement sales has increased to 10 handsets or more per day during the last two days,” he said.

Customers have the option of choosing between small and big onions while availing the offer, he added.

The uncontrolled rise in onion prices has burdened the pockets of average Indian households. Meanwhile, the Government seemed careless and irresponsible after the finance minister claimed that she doesn’t eat onions.

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