Bizarre: Chinese desert city installed traffic lights for camels to avoid collision

In a rather strange move officials of a Chinese city have installed traffic light for camels.

The traffic stop became operational on Sunday at the Mingsha Mountain and Crescent Spring in Dunhuang City, Gansu province, state media reported.

Officials claim this to be the world’s first traffic light signal for camels.

Camel-riding tours are a big draw for tourists in the area and the traffic light is specially designed for camels.

The traffic light has signals for both tourists and camels and will be safe from bumpy rides and further ensure road safety. The humped beasts can cross the road when the traffic signal turns green, whereas tourists can cross when the signal turns red.

Now tourists at the Mingsha Mountain and Crescent Spring will now be safe from camel collisions, which were quite common in the area,and the new traffic signal will ensure their reduction

Mingsha Mountain is quite a popular tourist destination and is also known as the Singing Sands Mountain.

Visitors have claimed to have heard loud noises beneath their feet when they walk through guided quicksand tours or slide down a sand mountain.

Dunhuang City is in an oasis region of the Gansu-Xinjiang desert region. It was the first Chinese-administered settlement reached by visitors heading east on the ancient Silk Road. Due to development and connectivity tourism, the area has seen a substantial rise as the Mingsha Mountain, the Yumen and Yangguan Passes and the Magao Caves temple complex, which are based in the westernmost gates of the Great Wall and are a popular tourist attraction.