Birmingham man who got Pokemon cards as birthday gift in 1999 sells them for $45,046 at auction

When Nigel Brooks was 13 his mother gifted him a collectors’ edition set of 103 Pokemon cards and he had never imagined that one day it would earn him a fortune of US$ 45,046.

The Birmingham resident had been gifted a pack of collectors’ edition Pokemon cards by his mother at the age of 13 after he defended his little brother, who was seven at the time from bullies who tried to snatch his best cards. The present also doubled as a birthday gift. Brooks, who was not even a fan of Pokemon, stowed away the collection which at the time cost £300(USD$ 386.16).

He rediscovered them, years later, at age 34. It turned out, his card collection was the mother of all Pokemon card collections.

According to a report in Daily Mail, the collection was valued at an estimated £35,000 (USD$ 45,046) and was dubbed the “holy grail” of card collections for serious Pokemon fans.