Berlin metro wants rest of the year to change derogatory station name

Berlin metro wants the rest of the year to change the name of a metro station that calls Black people derogatorily. Berlin’s public transport company BVG said on Saturday.

Mohrenstrasse metro station literally means Moor Street, using the medieval term for people from North Africa.

The station will be renamed to a neighbouring street, Glinkastrasse, named after 19th century Russian composer Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka.

The metro company made the statement following a global movement against colorism and racism which was sparked by the murder of U.S. citizen George Floyd at the hands of policemen.

“We will change all network plans, signs at the stations and on buses. Everything must be changed on the subways,” said Rolf Erfurt, a BVG board member said while speaking to reporters.

“We will have completed that by the end of the year,” he said.

Last month, unidentified activists taped over the station’s entrance, temporarily naming it “George Floyd Street”.