Beluga Whale Fetches An iPhone Dropped In The Sea

A Beluga whale in Norway went diving after an iPhone someone accidentally dropped into the sea. What’s more, the whale managed to retrieve the iPhone and bring it back to the surface.

The video going viral on social media shows the whale handing over the iPhone to a human. It’s unlikely for whales to fetch things, they’re not dogs.

This is a second story of the Beluga whale doing rounds on social media after the Norwegian officials revealed that they came into contact with a Beluga whale with a pouch to hold a GoPro camera. The whale seemed unusually tame and relaxed around humans. Officials believe that whales may have been trained by Russian naval forces for spying missions.

Beluga Whale With Spy Camera Gear

Since these whales have spent enough time among humans in Russian Naval Camps, this explains why the whale fetched the iPhone for a human.

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