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Belgian cyclist who kicked 5-year-old child out of the way faces one year in prison

A Belgian cyclist who was seen deliberately sticking his knee out to push a child on a street before speeding ahead on Christmas Day.

Patrick Mpasa was out with his wife and kids when the cyclist in question came up behind them. Patrick was recording his family walking so the entire incident of the cyclist coming and kneeing his 5-year-old daughter Neïa has been captured on Patrick’s phone.

The incident at a nature park in Baraque Michel, Belgium, shows that while the other child and Patrick’s wife were on the side of the narrow lane, Neïa was walking in the middle of the street. She seemed to enjoy her day out when the cyclist came behind her. We can see the man’s knee being extended which collides with the child’s back, sending her to crash on the ground. Even after she falls, the man does not stop and instead cycles ahead. The man can be seen pressing bells on his bike which were supposedly not loud enough for the Mpasa’s to listen.

The video shared on Facebook got extremely popular in the country and the man in question was soon identified.

The man presented himself to the police after a call for witnesses on December 27. He has mentioned that he was not aware of hitting the girl as he currently faces a year in prison for intentional assault and battery to a minor.

Prosecutor Vanessa Clérin revealed to the portal that the man was interrogated and thereafter asked to appear before the correctional court in February. He has maintained his statement of not knowing he had hit the child.

Reports even suggested that the man had called up Patrick. But it was not to apologize. In fact, the father says that the man asked him to withdraw the complaint without showing any remorse for his actions. If the father’s statement is to be believed, the assailant even went on to accuse Patrick of being aggressive.

If found guilty the cyclist faces up to one year in prison.