Belarusian President holding rifle, flies over protesters who are demanding his resignation in Misnk

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko flew over pro-democracy protesters in Misnk wearing a riot gear, brazing a rifle from his shoulder.

Lukashenko’s press service recorded and posted a series of bizarre videos in which the strongman leader inspected the city from a helicopter, wearing an all-black uniform and a bulletproof vest.

“They ran away like rats,” Lukashenko said as the aircraft approached one of his Minsk residencies, the Palace of Independence.

In another video, he is seen stepping out of a helicopter at the palace with a Kalashnikov-style rifle in his hands. Accompanied by armed soldiers and his 15-year-old son Kolya, also armed and wearing a military uniform, the group appears to thank riot police who formed a barricade on the avenue leading to the residence during the protests.

The demonstrations demand the resignation of President Lukashenko and a new presidential poll. Protests have now entered the third week.

Belarusian opposition leaders, the world community by general except for Russia and China have criticized the country’s August 9 poll for being neither free nor fair.

Lukashenko who is ruling for 26 years now has blamed the West for steering the protests and voiced a series of unfounded claims about the West stepping up its military efforts near Belarus borders.

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