Belarusian President awards medals to 300 riot police in bid to maintain loyalty

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko awarded 300 members of his riot police force and KGB for “impeccable service” in bid to maintain loyalty as he faces his toughest challenge in his 26 years of rule.

He recognised many senior and low ranking officials who were part of last week’s crackdown against protesters. Over 7,000 demonstrators were detained. P

Police charged at crowds with batons, resorted to firing, and tear gassing to disperse crowds. Many those who were detained were beaten and tortured in jails.

The violence followed after the election results on 9th August declared President Alexander Lukashenko as the winner with 80.1% of the votes and opposition candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya 10.1%.

Opposition groups claim the election was marred by fraud to keep Lukashenko in power.

Opposition candidate Tikhanovskaya was made to leave Belarus under government pressure, she has called for European nations to intervene to oust Lukashenko.

On Monday, while interacting with workers at a tractor plant Lukashenko said there would be no new presidential election “until you kill me”.