Being a shopaholic is very much similar to cocaine addiction

The high of spending with each purchase hits in a similar way as cocaine, a study has revealed.

Shopaholics can get addicted to using credit cards as the purchase gives the brain the same ‘hit’ like cocaine.

The study conducted by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has revealed that credit card purchases trigger the same chemical reaction in the brain as use of cocaine and other addictive drugs like amphetamines.

It is known that people spend much more when they use the card instead of cash, which has only increased after the global pandemic led to fear of contracting the virus through cash transactions.

It was found that different types of shopping credit cards can spark different desires, like a greater appetite for spending is created when using cards in restaurants than using cards to buy fuel.

According to Professor Drazen Prelec, study’s co-author, the reward networks in the brain are activated by all kinds of awards like a credit card purchase.

For the study, participants’ brain scans were studied who used cash and credit cards to make real purchases of everyday products.