Beijing’s rule book that’ll curb coronavirus at workplace

Beijing released a detailed list of guidelines for workplaces to avoid the spread of the novel coronavirus, or Covid-19, within offices and other places of business.

Broadly speaking, the city wants companies to cut in half the number of people present in a workplace at any one time, whether by allowing employees to work from home or by coordinating staggered shifts.

The government has suggested that elevators never be more than 50% full, for example, and that co-workers not eat facing each other, presumably because of the risk from any airborne spittle of an infected person.

Beijing’s companies also are expected to appoint one employee each to enforce the new rules.

Other guidelines would have employers take employees’ temperature daily, help employees with infections or suspected infections to seek medical treatment and report the issues to the relevant health departments, provide workspaces that are at least 2.5 square meters, and have employees maintain a meter’s distance between one another in the office.

A high level of importance was given to washing hands frequently, cleaning and disinfecting public areas and fingerprint or key-access points daily.

The order demanded weekly cleaning and disinfecting of the air-conditioning and ventilation systems.

The new coronavirus has claimed almost 3,000 people and infected about 90,000 people globally. The virus has put to test the health centres of the most developed nations to task.

The complete rule guide can be found here.

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