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Bear Grylls wore a small cordless instrument in his ear during Man vs Wild episode that featured PM Modi?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has finally cleared the air regarding the widely-viewed Man vs Wild episode on Discovery channel that featured him along with British adventurer, Bear Grylls. In the episode PM Modi communicated with Bear Grylls only in Hindi.

In his monthly radio broadcast PM Modi on Sunday said, “Some people ask me one thing albeit with some hesitation, Modi ji, you were speaking in Hindi and Bear Grylls does not know Hindi, so how did you carry on such a fast conversation between the two of you?”

“Whenever I spoke immediately there was a simultaneous translation into English or simultaneous interpretation and Bear Grylls had a small cordless instrument in his ear. So I used to speak in Hindi but he heard it in English and because of that the communication became very easy and this is an amazing aspect about technology,” PM Modi added.

However, social media did believe what Prime Minister Modi said and shared proof.

Below are a few responses:

The mystery of the translator continues until Bear Grylls or Discovery come out with a concrete clarification.

The episode of Man vs Wild aired on August 12 was viewed widely. In the episode PM Modi went on a short adventure trip with Bear Grylls at the Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand.

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