BCCI unveils India’s away ‘orange’ jersey amidst controversy

The Indian cricket team will be sporting an orange and blue jersey for their World Cup 2019 match against England, the official kit sponsor confirmed on Friday. Since hosts England wear a blue jersey, India will debut their ‘away’ jersey in Birmingham on Sunday.

“The ODI and Away Kit designs launched this year are inspired by the young new generation of India and the fearless spirit of the national teams,” said the sports apparel company in their official statement.

“Similar to the recently launched ODI Kit, the away kit is designed to enhance dynamic movements and modern requirement of the sport and the athletes. While the new engineered mesh and strategically placed sweat zones help enhanced breathability for the team on the field, new placket construction, the flex crest, garment cut angles and slash taping all add to making the new jersey lighter, more breathable and helps the athletes be agile on the field,” the statement added.

This is the first time India will move away from their traditional blue colour cricket jersey.

Meanwhile some India politicians have opposed the orange jersey.

Abu Asim Azmi, a Samajwadi Party MLA, suggested that the government was behind the decision and said that the jersey was part of growing saffronisation in the country.

“Modi ji wants to saffronise the entire country. A Muslim was the one who designed the Indian Tricolour. There are other colours in the Tricolour, why choose only orange? It will be better if their jersey is based on the Tricolour,” Azmi said.

According to ICC rules, all teams in the 2019 World Cup except hosts England, needed to have provisions for two different coloured kits. ICC said colour options were given to BCCI and the Indian board chose what went best with their colour combination.

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