Bangladesh Flight BG147 Hijack Bid Foiled, Suspect Shot Dead

Update: The Bangladesh security forces shot dead the suspected hijacker.

An aircraft flying on route from Dhaka-Chittagong-Dubai was forced to make an emergency landing at Chittagong on Sunday evening.

As soon as the flight landed at Chittagong officials forcefully evacuated the passengers. The gunman had a pistol and tried to enter the cockpit, demanding that he wanted to talk to the Bangladesh Prime Minister after the flight was midway between Dhaka and Chittagong

All the passengers were forcefully evacuated and were secured to the airport terminal.

Commandos later surrounded the flight, and attempts to overpower the disgruntled individual. The man had taken a crew member hostage. The man told the forces that he had a bomb along with him as well.

The passenger later surrendered, 1 crew member is believed to have been injured. The security forces will now question the man under detention.

The airline hijacked was Biman Bangladesh Airlines flight BG147, and it was carrying 142 passengers.