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Ball Hit Hard

Most of us have gone for a game of our favourite team at the grounds, field or a stadium. The best thing that can happen for a fan is to see their sportsperson performing on that very day in front of your eyes. What joy it brings!

Sometimes such events could bring end to someone’s life or cause grievous injuries to spectators watching.

In a Golf Event ‘Ryder Cup’ a French woman was struck with a golf ball, the ball literally exploded her eye leaving her blind.

This has sparked questions on how safe are games where balls fly. Games like Golf, Cricket and baseball witness huge crowds, so how difficult is it to catch a ball or dodge it.

Well most of the cricket stadiums at home are extremely crowded and as Indians we really don’t have the habit of reading at a game, we give our 100% concentration to game so most likely Indians are to dodge the ball or catch it.

It’s a common site that you’re more likely to see someone with a book watching a cricket match abroad.

No tickets carry a disclaimer covering injury, no warning messages roll across the big screens nor do ground staff raise awareness. It’s high time that event organisers start focusing on spectators safety.