Bahrain and Kuwait report first coronavirus cases

Health ministries in Bahrain and Kuwait have both confirmed the first cases of coronavirus.

A Bahraini national showed symptoms after arriving on a flight from Iran and was transferred to the Ebrahim Khalil Kanoo Medical Centre for immediate testing, treatment and isolation, the country’s Ministry of Health said in a statement.

“The ministry calls upon all citizens and residents who are experiencing symptoms of COVID19, including a fever, coughing and difficulty breathing, or those who have traveled to one of the countries infected with the disease or have interacted with a person traveling from any of those locations, or interacted with an infected patient, to isolate themselves,” the ministry said.

Kuwait has reported three people who had travelled to Iran have tested positive coronavirus.

On Saturday, Kuwait began bringing back 750 nationals from Iran, where eight people have died from coronavirus and 43 are infected. Most of the cases are centered around the Iranian city of Qom.

Turkey and Pakistan are among seven countries that have now closed their borders with Iran over the coronavirus outbreak. Parts of the country are on lockdown, with schools, universities, cinemas and theatres closed in 13 Iranian provinces.

Lebanon announced its first case of coronavirus after a woman tested positive following a flight from Qom on Thursday. Lebanese expressed their anger on social media channels over the country’s refusal to cancel flights from Iran.

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