Baby’s Head Splits From Torso During Delivery In Tamil Nadu

The head of a baby got separated from its torso during delivery at a primary health centre in Koovathur near Chennai on Wednesday. Doctors said the baby died in the mother's womb.

The officials from the Public health officials claim the delivery was done in an emergency situation. The nurses removed just the baby's head leaving behind the torso inside the mother's body.

Then the woman was then rushed to the Chengalpattu Government Medical College in Kancheepuram for an emergency surgery, where doctors extracted the torso. Her condition is said to be stable now.

The family of the woman blamed the hospital, they said the hospital should have gone for a caesarean delivery instead of a normal delivery. The hospital denied the charges of any "negligence".

Tamil Nadu Deputy Director of Public Health Dr Senthil Kumar told media that, "Preliminary investigations are underway. We are trying to find out the reason behind this."

A similar incident was reported in Rajasthan in January this year, where two nurses of a Jaisalmer hospital split a newborn during delivery.