Baby gets badly injured by a priest during baptization

In a horrific incident, a baby was badly injured by a priest who was supposed to perform the baptism. In the video footage of the incident, it can be seen how violently the baby is being dealt with.

The parents of the baby have lodged a complaint against the priest with the church. The parents have accused the priest for injuring the baby during the process of baptism, which took place in Limassol, The Daily Mail reported.

In the footage that that has been accessed by the news portal, the priest is weirdly holding the baby by its arm. Furthermore, he is clearly seen violently dipping the baby in the vessel. What is shocking is the fact that the priest does not pay attention to the fact that the baby’s legs are striking the edge of the vessel while he is dipping him in it.

Ntina Shitta, the mother of the baby, “The priest hit my baby, we all shouted at him to be careful but he replied: “I am responsible for the baptism”. The baby became red and was in shock! This priest ruined our most beautiful day.”

Later the priest apologised to the family. However, he refused to accept any deliberate wrongdoing on his part. In fact, he went on to say that there was a point where the baby was about to slip from his hands. So in order to protect the baby he put his arm under the baby’s hip for its safety. The priest continues to claim that he had no intention of hitting or injuring the baby.