Baby Ducklings Rescued After Falling Into Sewer

Three Alabama police officers came to the rescue of a family of ducklings that ended up trapped inside a sewer drain.

The Huntsville Police Department officers responded when someone called in a report of baby ducks stuck in the sewer. The ducks were quacking down below so the officers had to act fast.

One of the officers got in the manhole, while the other officers collected the ducks into a tiny cartoon box.

“We got a pry bar and pried the manhole cover off. Officer Kosiba jumped down there and started looking for them. There’s no telling how long these ducks would have been down there in the sewer if we hadn’t been able to get them out safely. We’re just glad that a citizen notified us and we were able to help these ducks out,” Officer Cody Glass told local media.

The ducklings were then taken to a facility that does wildlife rehabilitation so they could get some extra attention and care.

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