Baby boy in Iraq born with three penises is the first human born with rare condition

A baby boy in Iraq was born with three penises, doctors claim this was the first reported case in the world.

This rare condition is known as Human Triphallia in which someone is born with three penises.

Worldwide one in every six million boys are born with more than one penis; there have been more than 100 cases of diaphallia, a person with two penises.

The International Journal of Surgery Case Reports says that the baby boy born in Duhok, Iraq is the first to have triphallia.

The baby’s parents brought him to the clinic because they believed that the infant had a swelling in his scrotum. That is when the doctors discovered that the baby had two more penises growing from his scrotum. While one seemed to be growing near the root of his primary penis, the third one could be seen growing under the scrotum.

The baby had to undergo surgery due to the swelling in the baby’s scrotum and also of the fact that only one was penis was functional.

Urologists found neither of the extra penises had a urethra, nor the tube that urine passes through, and decided surgery was the best option.