Baba Ramdev says Congress lost Lok Sabha polls because Rahul Gandhi does not do yoga

Yoga monk Baba Ramdev in preparation ahead of the International Yoga Day that’s celebrated on the 21st of June attributed Congress’ disaster in the Lok Sabha polls to party president Rahul Gandhi not practising yoga. Ramdev also added that those who do yoga, see acche din ( meaning good day’s – this one of the slogans of the ruling BJP party in during the 2014 general elections).

The Yoga Guru went on to praise PM Modi before taking a dig at Rahul Gandhi. He said, “Modi ji does yoga publicly. Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi used to do yoga surreptitiously. But their successor, Rahul does not do yoga, which is why his politics went haywire. Those who do yoga, see acche din.”

This statement goes of the saint goes against his previous, speaking on a television channel  Ramdev said, “Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi practice yoga regularly. Rahul and I are on friendly terms.”

Ramdev’s jibe comes couple of days ahead of the International Yoga Day. This time around Ramdev would be joining Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis in Nanded on June 21 for yoga day celebrations.

Ramdev was suppose to do lead the mega yoga event in Haridwar, along the banks of Ganga. But it seems that the BJP forced Ramdev to shift the event to Maharashtra which would go to polls soon.